At least 10 Beta Testers are needed to test the game’s tournament feature with real players. The player who finishes in the first place wins 100€. If you have an android phone that runs mobile VR, you just need to enroll as a Beta Tester at the home page. First come, first served.

Beta Testers Tournament Rules

1) To be eligible to enter the tournament, first, you need to enroll as a Beta Tester at the home page or at the end of this page.

2) Install the game’s public alpha at Google’s Play Store.

3) Check if the game properly runs on your phone by playing it a couple of times. If the game installs but it doesn’t run please send an email to with your feedback, model and brand of the phone.

4) If you were able to install the game and played it a couple of times without hiccups and you are one of the first ten to enroll as a Beta Tester, congratulations, you are in!

5) You will receive an email with access to a closed build of the game, install it.

6) Sign in into the game. VERY IMPORTANT! Only signed in players will have their scores posted to the leaderboards!

7) Keep playing till the end of the tournament. If by the end of the tournament you are in the first place, 100€ will be wired to you!

Let’s do this!!

Beta testers needed!

Send us your email address so we can enroll you as a Beta Tester and give you access to the current development builds.