Meet the team!

Besides its creator, this game currently has the precious help of two more members working in part-time to bring the game’s final vision to fruition. Check them out and send them some love.


Roberto Gomes

Roberto is the lead designer. He is an illustrator, a game designer, and a VR developer. Previously he worked on numerous illustration projects, comics, and apps for kids, now he does construction work in order to save enough money to make a name for himself in the world of VR.

Illustration | VR

Bruno Fonseca

Bruno is responsible for the existence of this game by co-financing its early development. He is a brand designer and an angel investor. He founded TripleSky branding studio and Repto streetwear. He as also been supporting CAULDRON.pt since the beginning.

TripleSky | Repto

Rita Lima

Rita debugs and optimizes the game's code so it runs smoothly across different smartphones. She's a kickass senior programmer with many years of experience in gaming and she is also a great fulltime mom. She still finds the time to help a friend with his silly game.