Recently a friend to whom I was complaining about my ineptitude to apply for public funds to finance my VR dev aspirations asked me the simplest question: How much revenue are you expecting from your game? Realizing I hadn’t the slittiest clue I completely froze… after some pause… I answered: I don’t own enough data yet to answer that. To which he retorted: Well my friend, that’s the most important data you should own.

Now, thinking to myself, how can I possibly know how much money will my game make? So far, the picture couldn’t be grimmer:

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Enter the LEADERBOARD! Open Alpha v.0.0.6 is out.

This is a big step in the development of this game! It features now a sweet leaderboard right at the start screen. Try it out and tell me what you think.

Download it from


Open Alpha v.0.0.3 Out!

Besides a trajectory predictor path for the first three targets, the game now features also a new scoring system:

  1. Hit targets consecutively for multiplier bonuses.
  2. Head the ball with a quick and snappy movement and you’ll receive a Balls Of Fire bonus.
  3. Bounce the ball off the field into a target and you get an immediate Bounce Spiff.

If you like what I am doing help out by sharing or downloading the game. Thanks 😉

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Devlog #2 – Sneak peak at version 0.0.3

Was lucky enough to take a week from construction work. So I stayed home implementing some new features for the next iteration of the game. The game will now start with a kind of auto-aim featuring a trajectory predictor path for the first three targets, this will teach the players to face the targets head-on. Also, I’m very proud to finally have my team page on the site, check us out here!

See you in 2018!

P.S. Assets used for the trajectory predictor path:

  1. Trajectory Predictor
  2. Scrolling Textures

Avatar maker used for the team profile:

  1. mcleun.deviantart

Open Alpha v.0.0.2 Out!

After all the trouble with losing the keystore’s password, version 0.0.2 is finally here.

Download it from


Lost Keystore – How to generate and register a new upload key (mac).

Ok, so you want to update your app at Google’s Play Store and you realize you lost your Keystore file or you don’t remember your keystore’s password? Fear not, here’s what you need to do:

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Devlog #1 – Loosing the keystore’s password.

Ok, I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT LOSE YOUR KEYSTORE FILE OR PASSWORD!!

So, the other day I implemented some changes in my game and when I tried to sign my build using my keystore key I couldn’t figure out what password I used when I created it. I usually use a cypher method for my passwords in order to have different passwords for everything without having to memorize them. Obviously, this time I messed it up somehow because the password that should work is not working at all.

Fortunately now even if you do lose them you can reach Google Play Developer Support in order to update your app with a new Keystore and Upload Certificate. More details at Geek Code Hub. As soon as I have everything sorted out I will do a step by step tutorial explaining everything in detail so others don’t lose the same amount of hours as I did.

These are the small changes that will soon be available at Play Store and GameJolt:

  1. Google VR Settings button in order to change the viewer profile.
  2. Option to turn on and off the Anti Aliasing.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays to you all!

Hello World

For the first post I’ll leave you with the game’s moodboard in Pinterest: