Devlog #2 – Sneak peak at version 0.0.3

Was lucky enough to take a week from construction work. So I stayed home implementing some new features for the next iteration of the game. The game will now start with a kind of auto-aim featuring a trajectory predictor path for the first three targets, this will teach the players to face the targets head-on. Also, I’m very proud to finally have my team page on the site, check us out here!

See you in 2018!

P.S. Assets used for the trajectory predictor path:

  1. Trajectory Predictor
  2. Scrolling Textures

Avatar maker used for the team profile:

  1. mcleun.deviantart

Roberto Gomes was born in a small southern town of Portugal in 1983. He has been drawing all his life. Nowadays he is a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer that has fallin in love with game illustration and game development in general.