Beta Testers Tournament

We are glad to announce that 85 Beta Testers have enrolled to test the game’s tournament feature!

After 4 weeks on a small budget of marketing, Brazilian VR players showed us by far the most love 😍🇧🇷.
If you are one of the lucky 85 here’s your link to download internal version of the game so you can start pushing some sick scores into the Beta Testers Tournament leaderboard:


💚 See you soon! 💛

01. Tilt Back

This is how you should play the game so the gyroscope in your phone correctly reports the force of your ball headings.

02. Hold Back

In this game, only rotational movement around a fixed point is used, no forward, backward or lateral movements!

03. Tilt Forward

The gyroscope will only register rotational forces so, if you move your head forward or backward in a linear fashion, you won't be able to head the ball properly.